The Sport Historical Marker Fund

The Michigan Lake Divers Association has started a fundraising campaign to
replace the Michigan Historical Marker on the Wreck of the Tugboat “Sport”
As “The Sport” is the State of Michigan’s first underwater historical monument,
 the members of the MLDA felt it would be a fitting charitable project to benefit
 the Michigan Underwater Preserve Systems, SCUBA diving community,
 and all the businesses that support them.

On August 4, 1992, the historical marker was placed near the Sport in 47 feet of water,
3 miles east of Lexington. It recounts the vessel’s history and sinking on the night
of December 13, 1920. The Sport was one of the first composite (wood and steel)
ships to sail the Great Lakes, making it an important milestone in our
maritime history. This marker was made of cast aluminum which, when
 placed in the water, was subjected to a chemical process known as electrolysis.
During this process the aluminum was eaten away, badly damaging the marker
beyond repair. The marker was removed in 1997 for analysis and investigation
as to why it deteriorated in such a short time. The State of Michigan has since sent
the original marker to the scrap yard for recycling.

The Sport is an excellent dive site for divers of all levels of experience.
It has hosted tourists from all over the world. There has even been
a wedding held on the wreck of the Sport. Several dive charters visit
this site on a regular basis. These charter boats bring divers to
our lakefront communities and commerce to area businesses.
To replace the historical marker would only enhance the uniqueness
of this site and encourage others to visit.

 The MLDA is actively searching for contributors to raise the necessary
funds to build a new historical marker out of materials that would
withstand the rigors of the bottom of Lake Huron. Our current estimates
for sign replacement run from $4800.00 to $6000.00. The MLDA
is currently pursuing fundraising activities during club meetings
and events. We have also placed donation canisters in dive shops
that have historically supported our club.

At this time, we are asking you to consider our request for assistance
in this endeavor. If we can provide you with any more information,
please do not hesitate to contact us. All contributions will be
appreciated and 100% of the proceeds will be applied to the project.
For more information please contact:

Michigan Lake Divers Association P.O. Box 610-963
Port Huron, Michigan 48061
Phone: 810-987-0226



If you would like to donate, please
make your check payable to:

The Sport Historical Marker Fund
c/o Bank of America
1825 Pine Grove Ave.
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

Thank you for your continued support.
Dave Zarling Jr.
President, Michigan Lake Divers Association

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